Video: Father of "24" terrorist was victim of terrorism himself

Adoni Maropis, who will play a villain on this season of “24”, shared the story of terrorists attacking his father on Larry King Live last night. Whether he is the major or minor villain of the series, I am not sure.

Fellow “24” enthusiast and friend Lorie Byrd writes:

Also on the Larry King show, the actor playing one of the bad guys this year told the story of his father being the victim of a real life terrorist attack. It was a pretty amazing story with a somewhat controversial ending. The actor said that he hated the PLO for the attack which almost took his father’s life, but then his father told him that he understood the plight of the Palestinians. See, there is something even for liberals to like in “24.” (ed. note: Heh.)

While we’re on the subject of “24”, this is pretty cool.

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