Breaking: Sen. Tim Johnson suffers stroke; Update: Spokesman denies Update: Underwent surgery

Senator Tim Johnson (D – SD) has reportedly suffered a stroke. His condition is unknown. Please keep his health and safety in your prayers. If the Senator does step down, or God forbid, passes away, the majority part of the Senate could change as South Dakota has a Republican Governor. has a video report.

Raw Story describes the report:

MSNBC is currently reporting that Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) has suffered a stroke.

There is no word, currently, on the Senator’s condition.

If Johnson were to pass away, or be forced to retire, the US Constitution delegates the task of appointing a replacement to South Dakota lawmakers, who in turn, often turn that task over to the Governor. The Governor of that state, Mike Rounds, is a Republican, and both houses of the state legislature are dominated by Republicans.

Reuters picks up the story.

Update (Allahpundit): Fox just broke in to say that Johnson’s spokesman denies it was either a stroke or a heart attack.

Update: Johnson underwent surgery.