Video: Kerry on his troop remark: The "Republican attack machine" is out to get me!

John Kerry joined Chris Wallace on this Sunday’s edition of Fox News Sunday to discuss his troop remark and a potential White House run. Kerry immediately saw where the interview was going and tried to spin his way out of answering for his alleged faux pas and on to congratulating the Democrats for their “historic victory” earlier this month. However, Chris Wallace would not let him out of it. Kerry claimed the “Republican attack machine” masterminded the attack on him. It wasn’t everyday people who were offended that an United States Senator called our servicemen and women lazy and uneducated. It was Karl Rove who made Kerry say it.

Kerry’s Krazy Konspiracy is almost as bad as this:


When the conversation turned to the elections Kerry went on his “I mortgaged my house” spiel. I’m sure his Ketchup queen didn’t pay his mortgage.