Video: Report: Pelosi hired illegal immigrants for Napa Valley vineyard(?)

San Francisco radio talk show host Melanie Morgan appeared on Hannity & Colmes tonight to discuss Nancy Pelosi’s hypocritical politics. The topic was the minority leader’s pork barrel spending, but Morgan brought up the Napa Valley vineyard Pelosi owns and the people who work for her. Last week, The American Thinker wrote about the people Pelosi hires.

Remember Linda Chavez? Chavez withdrew her nomination for Secretary of Labor after she acknowledged sheltering an illegal immigrant. But since she has an “R” by her name, the rules are different.

Update (Michelle): See-dubya notes in comments below that the Investor’s Business Daily editorial linked by The American Thinker doesn’t level a direct charge that Pelosi hired illegal immigrants. Here’s what it said:

As Peter Schweizer notes in his best-selling expose of liberal hypocrisy, “Do As I Say (Not As I Do),” part of the fortune of this defender of the working man is a Napa Valley vineyard worth $25 million that she owns with her husband. The vineyard produces expensive grapes for high-end wines. Napa grapes bring up to $4,000 a ton compared with $300 a ton for, say, San Joaquin grapes.

But Pelosi, winner of the 2003 Cesar Chavez award from the United Farm Workers, hires only nonunion workers and sells these grapes to nonunion wineries. [….]

Which makes Pelosi’s steadfast opposition to any attempts to enhance border security and stem the flow of illegal immigration into the U.S. all the more interesting since she seems to be among those rich employers who financially benefit from a steady supply of cheap foreign labor. [….]

Nor has Pelosi been a fan of employer sanctions against the hiring of illegal aliens. In 2003, she accused immigration officers of conducting “terrorizing raids” on Wal-Mart stores that led to the arrest of more than 300 illegal aliens.

Loraine Stewart, a farmworker advocate with Napa Valley Community Housing, in a 2004 San Francisco Chronicle article estimated that half of the migrant labor force in the valley consisted of undocumented workers, without whom “not one bottle of wine would get made here.”

If journalists in the open borders media weren’t, well, so pro-open borders, one of them might ask her point blank whether her vineyard has used “undocumented” labor, whether the company has signed up for the employer verification system to screen out illegal workers, and if not, why not?