Election night-eve open thread

What will be the results of tomorrow’s elections?
Republicans keep both Houses.
Republicans keep one House, Democrats win another.
Democrats win both Houses.
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In a new SurveyUSA poll, Michael Steele is three points behind, well within the margin of error.

According to RCP, Bob Corker has a 6-point advantage over Harold Ford Jr.

Lieberman has an average of 11.8-points over Lamont.

Other important Senate races here.

Final predictions:

The MSM would like you to believe — and they do have people believing — Democrats will sweep the House and take over the Senate. However, Kerry caused enough damage to at least prevent a clean sweep. The House is too close to call; if the Dems do take over, it won’t be a veto-proof majority. The Senate will go 50-50 and Dick Cheney will server as the tiebreaker once again.

Key Senate races:

MD: Steele (R) over Cardin (D); CT: Lieberman (I) over Lamont (D); PA: Bob Casey (D) over Rick Santorum (R); VA: Allen (R) over Webb(D); TN: Corker (R) over Ford, Jr. (D); MT: Tester (D) over Burns (R); MO: McCaskill (D) over Talent (R); NJ: Menendez (D) over Kean, Jr. (R); OH: Brown (D) over DeWine (R); MI: Stabenow (D) over Bouchard (R); RI: Whitehouse (D) over Chafee (R).

Note: Just because I think a certain candidate will win does not mean I want them too.

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UPDATE: Sorry I keep switching back and forth with some candidates. I’m taking my toss-ups and making a clear decision. This is tough!