Video: O'Reilly asks Letterman if he "want[s] the US to win in Iraq", no straight answer

T-warrior Bill O’Reilly was interviewed by argued with David Letterman on last night’s Late Show, where the two friends (according to O’Reilly) sparred over Fox News’ credibility. What a surprise, a liberal knocking Fox News. The discussion soon turned to Iraq; as he did with Rosie last week, O’Reilly responded to Letterman’s criticism of the mission by asking him if he “want[ed] the United States to win in Iraq.” Like Rosie, Letterman also had problems answering the question. It’s a simple yes or no — do you want us to win or not? How dare we question their patriotism if they don’t answer yes.

One socialist blog noted that Letterman suggested how much larger his audience is than O’Reilly’s (apparently 2x as big). If that’s so important, why all the hush-hush from the left on Olbermann’s ratings, then? O’Reilly’s ratings are more than quadruple Olby’s.