Video: Steele smacks down Cardin in debate

Yesterday, Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele (R) debated Rep. Ben Cardin (D) and Independent candidate Kevin Zeese. For all you Marylanders out there who watched last week’s Ehrlich-O’Malley debate, this was just as good, if not better.

Cardin was hit by fire when he told Steele what he would have voted for if he was a United States Senator. Wrong move, to say the least. Steele stopped Cardin right then and there and told the congressman not speak for him.

Memorable quotes:

“For Ben Cardin to sit here and say that he is a change agent is laughable.”

“[Cardin] has been running against George Bush for over a year and haven’t you noticed sir, he is not represented here on this stage?”

The best doesn’t come until the end, when Steele quizzed Cardin on plans for a metro system in the Baltimore area. Cardin failed miserably. Watch: