Video: Harold Ford Sr. calls pro-life activists "crackers"; Update: "trackers" was the word

Harold Ford Sr., the father of Tennessee Democrat Senate candidate Harold Ford Jr. (D), called pro-life activists who were outside of his son’s campaign headquarters “crackers”. Ford Sr. was on a cell phone telling the recipient “we have a cracker here with the Corker people.”

Update (Allahpundit): KP e-mails to say she thinks Ford called them “trackers,” i.e., people who follow a campaign around a la the Webb staffer whom George Allen called a “macaca.” Listen and decide for yourself. If she’s right, will this help get her back in the left’s good graces?

Probably not, no.

Apologies to Mr. Ford, though, for the error, if it is an error.

UPDATE: The word used was “trackers”, not “crackers”. I apologize for the error.