Video: Cardin uses Fox in Steele, Bush attack ad (Update: Cardin voted against stem cell research)

Following his appearance in an advertisement for Missouri Democratic Senate candidate Claire McCaskill, Canadian-born actor Michael J. Fox vouches for another Democratic Senate hopeful in Maryland. Congressman Ben Cardin is using Fox in a similiar ad, where the actor, suffering from Parkinson’s disease, is seen gyrating while he tries to persuade voters not to vote for Republican candidate Michael Steele.

UPDATE: Michael Steele’s campaign has exposed Cardin’s vote against stem cell research:

TEMPLE HILLS, MD – Today, Michael Steele released the following statement setting the record straight on stem cell research:

Michael Steele said, “There is only one candidate in this race who voted against stem cell research and it’s Congressman Ben Cardin. Ben Cardin had a chance to support stem cell research that would not destroy human embryos, and he voted against it – not because of his beliefs on the issue, but as a transparent political stunt. Both Senators Barbara Mikulski and Paul Sarbanes voted for this legislation. Ben Cardin wanted to politicize the issue instead of getting something done, so he voted against it. Marylanders deserve better than Congressman Cardin’s continued Washington double-talk, mistruths and sheer political gamesmanship on an issue as important as stem cell research.”

On September 6, 2006, the Frederick News Post reported: “[Cardin] opposes suggestions that stem cell research is acceptable if the embryo isn’t destroyed. (Liam Farrell, “Pursuing Change,” Frederick News Post, September 2, 2006)

Michael Steele added, “I am an enthusiastic supporter of cord blood, adult stem cell and embryonic stem cell research that does not destroy the embryo, and I fully support expanding innovations in technology that make it possible to treat and prevent disease without the willful destruction of human embryos.”