Video: 'Wrong' Rosie won't voice support for US victory in Iraq (Update: KP defends Elizabeth)

Bill O’Reilly was on this morning’s “The View” to discuss his book, “traditionalists” and “secular progressives”, and a variety of other issues.

Before Bill O came out with the gals, Rosie introduced “Disagree” and “Wrong” signs she plans to use with the upcoming interview. Sort of like Olympic judges, I guess, with the East German model of impartiality. Later in the interview those signs come back and bite her you know where.

When explaining the difference between a traditionalist and a secular progressive, Mr. Bill names Joe Lieberman as a liberal who is a tradtionalist. Rosie doesn’t take kindly, interrupts, and voices her support for Ned Lamont. To the surprise of, well, no one.

O’Reilly goes after Oprah for the overwhelming number of secular progressive guests on her show compared to the number of traditionalists she has on the show. Rosie jumps in and says Oprah has more traditionalists than secular progressives on his show. Bill O stops Rosie there, asks for her silly sign, points and yells “You’re wrong!”

Near the end of the interview, Rosie–probably wishing that she didn’t bring up something that would come back and bite her–brings up the war. Mr. Bill turns it back on her and wants to know if she wants a US victory in Iraq. Rosie declines to give a direct answer. I guess it’s safe to put her in the Ted Turner “undecided” column.

Update: KP writes:

Why does Elizabeth Hasselbeck even show up for work? Every time I see a clip of this insipid show, Hasselbeck tries to say something and she is drowned out by the shrieks of Rosie. I didn’t even support going to war in Iraq, but I certainly want a victory. That Rosie can’t even say that is pathetic.