Video: Olby slams deceased Lidle as 'journeyman', not a ‘superstar'

Only an hour after it’s found out Yankee pitcher Corey Lidle was killed in a plane crash, Keith Olbermann is bashing him. On the 6pm hour of Tucker, Olbermann is called in to comment about Lidle’s career, I assume because MSNBC thinks he is some sort of expert in sports. Instead of graciously talking about his career, Olbermann calls the late Lidle a “journeyman” then says he is not a “superstar” nor a “star”. I guess being a jerk inherently comes with being a know-it-all. A hat tip to Johnny Dollar at Olbermann Watch for making me aware of the MSNBC host’s jeer. Imagine having this man give the eulogy at your funeral:

VOICE OF KEITH OLBERMANN: A veteran pitcher, certainly not a star, a journeyman who appeared in uniform of seven different teams in a career that stretched back to 1997 when he began with the New York Mets. All through the circuit, a reliable starting pitcher, again not the superstar.