Video: Woodward claims Cheney told him 'that's bullshit' about OTR interviews

Dick Cheney said the bs-word, hahaha, hehehe. As expected, some liberal bloggers are getting their panties in a bunch over this.

Woodward then used this event as a “metaphor for what’s going on.” Apparently, “you hang up on somebody” who “you don’t want to deal with.” Gee, thanks Bob. What is he going to tell us tomorrow, that the earth revolves around the Sun?

After Woodward’s knock at Cheney, you could hear laughter in the background. It seems like the Meet the Press studio kids are taking a cue from the Laughing Stagehand.

TIM RUSSERT, HOST: Have you spoken to the president or the Vice-President since this book came out?

BOB WOODWARD: Uhh, the vice-president called me I guess as it was coming out 10 days ago.


WOODWARD: Well, he called to complain that I was quoting him about the meetings with Henry Kissinger, that he and the president had. I had interviewed Vice-president Cheney last year a couple of times at length about material I’m gathering on the Ford administration, on the record interviews, but he volunteered. He said by the way Henry Kissinger comes in and he, Dick Cheney, sits down with him once a month and the President every one or two months and Cheney was upset I was quoting him and I said look, it’s on the record it doesn’t have anything to do with before you volunteered that, he then used a word which I can’t repeat on the air and I said look on the record is on the record and he hung up on me.