Video: CNN reports Foley victim calling Drudge prank claim 'fiction'

On the 4pm hour of CNN’s The Situation Room, correspondent Brian Todd was questioned about “internet suggestions” that recent Foley IM conversations were a prank or hoax by anchor Wolf Blitzer. The lawyer of one of Foley’s victims called it a “piece of fiction”. ABC News also commented and said the report is not true.

Full transcript below.

BLITZER: He will join us live in the next hour. What are you hearing, Brian, about some of these internet suggestions, some Republicans suggesting this whole thing is a prank, a hoax and there is no there, there.

TODD: We asked him about that item in the report. He said very clearly he cannot rule that in, he cannot rule that out. He says he is not saying it was not a prank but later in the interview, CNN pressed him on that. He said that he — he does not read the Drudge Report not part of his regular reading and, quote, it sounds like a piece of fiction. It is similar to a comment he made yesterday on that. Also important to note that ABC news says its sources indicate the Drudge Report that their report this is a hoax is not true.

BLITZER: He says the Drudge Report item sounds like a piece of fiction?

TODD: He did say that, but important to note he says he is not ruling it in or out.