Video: Rosie Sez 'radical Christianity' is just as 'threatening' as radical Islam

Rosie O’Donnell didn’t take long to break out of her shell and spew her liberal hate. On yesterday’s garrulous fem talk show “The View”, Meredith Viera’s replacement compared the “threat” of “radical” Christianity in America to radical Islam throughout the world. Yeah, because you know about those crazy Christians beheading terrorists and flying planes into buildings.

However, Rosie thinks the outcome of America depends on the battle against terror in New Orleans.

MKH writes:

You should see the look on Hasselbeck’s face [ed’s note: She dared to challenge Rosie’s anti-war, anti-Christian rant]. Bless her heart, I can’t believe she has to deal with them every day. To her credit, Joy Behar does concede that “well, Christians aren’t threatening to kill us. There is a difference.” Barbara says nothing. Nice.

Newsbusters’ Gaggle knows why Rosie is okay with radical Islam, for now.

Scott Whitlock fisks Rosie and co-host Joy Behar.