Williams says comparison was "aggressively misunderstood"

On last night’s 7pm edition of Hardball, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams likened suicide bombers to our Special Forces and 9/11 first responders. (Video here)

After making these comments and receiving fire for it, what does Williams do? Well, he certainly didn’t decide to apologize to those who risk their life so Williams can make asinine remarks:

Comments I made during a live interview with Chris Matthews last night have been aggressively misunderstood in the hours since. Here was my point: people always say that our country will be at a disadvantage as long as the “other side” is willing to take their own life for the cause. I was making the point that if that’s some kind of litmus test for bravery… or belief in the cause, we have those guys, too. People who fight for us, people who protect us — know full well that the American cause is worth dying for — as are our freedoms. People are dying for the U.S. side every day. Laying their lives on the line. And I give thanks for them every day. I was not at all equating the ‘other’ cause with what Americans stand for. I was criticizing the view, expressed by some, that as long as we are fighting the “suicide bomber mentality” we can never get the upper hand, because, as this belief goes, “we aren’t willing to give our lives the way they are.” Of course we are. The difference is: the folks willing to die for OUR country do so in the act of protecting and defending it — NOT killing civilians by detonating an explosive and killing innocent people.

Brave? Did he just call suicide bombers brave?

Mark Finkelstein at Newsbusters doesn’t let Williams get away with a poor excuse:

Perhaps the most revealing aspect of his entry is Williams noting that his comments were made “during a live interview” with Chris Matthews. Translation: ‘Hey, I’m basically just a newsreader. Cut me some slack when I have to think on my feet rather than reading off a teleprompter.