Video: Coulter, DeLay interpret Democratic response to terrorism

Tom DeLay and Ann Coulter joined Neal Cavuto on this afternoon’s edition of Your World to discuss the terror plot to blow up airlines in midflight between the US and UK.

When the conversation shifted to Democratic reaction, or lack thereof, to terrorism, Coulter and DeLay delivered money quote after money quote. Here’s a taste:

COULTER: We’ve heard 90 million reasons with the problem of Iraq, it’s one thing every other day. What war would would they fight against the terrorists and there claim is we’re wasting time in Iraq, we need to be fixated on Osama. How would fixating on Osama have stopped this plot in the UK? We’re not at war with one man, we’re at war with all Islamic fanatics and there are millions of them.

DELAY: Well, first of all, I think the Democrats may hate George Bush, but they hate him more because he is fighting this war on terrorism.