Video: Black Panther Nzinga goes on anti-Semitic tirade, blames Jews for McKinney loss

New Black Panthers leader Hashim Nzinga showed up with his gang of anti-semitic thugs and served as security for soon to be former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney. During their entrance and exit to her concession speech, the group got in two altercations with reporters covering the scene, something McKinney is familiar with.

It first started when a cameraman defended himself after boom-mic was swatted down and was called a “cracker.” I know, how dare he defend himself and respond to that goon.

On the way out, Nzinga blamed McKinney’s loss on, who else, the Jews! He then proceeded to tell a FOX News producer, who was Jewish, to put on his “yarmulke” on and “celebrate”.

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