Audio: Rush Comments On Busted Al-Reuters Photographer

In the opening minutes of the show, Rush calls the doctored missile picture a “doozy” and has some choice words for Reuters:

RUSH LIMBAUGH: Now this second picture and this was a doozy, the second picture purported to show an Israel F-16, even though the F-16 was no in the picture frame, it was cropped out. What it showed was 3 or 4 missiles being launched, obviously on innocent civilians targets. The caption is as important as the picture. It turns out that the real picture was of the Israel F-16 firing off flare, as in chaffe, to try to confuse surface-to-air missiles, if the Hezbos have any and if they were going to launch any. You take the picture, you duplicate, or clone the flare and it’s streak of smoke through the sky, which was being emitted from behind the F-16, when you see the real picture. The cropped version makes it look like missiles that hadn’t been fire, there were four of them.

The other thing that has just been discovered — for the countless more, there has to be countless more. Not just with Reuters. Reuters has finally said we’re not going to use this freelancer anymore, Nassy Hajjy el-Shiek, whatever his name is, I couldn’t care less, and they pulled his entire portfolio from their website.

Michelle paraphrased what Rush said.