Pluralities in each of these states indicate they would vote for an unnamed Democratic candidate over Trump in November. These margins vary slightly by state, but in each instance, Trump appears to be in trouble. In fact, between 45% (in Ohio) and 49% (in Michigan) indicate that they are “almost certain to vote against Donald Trump no matter whom the Democrats nominate for president.”

Further clues regarding Trump’s woes in these states can be found when it comes to impeachment. Majorities in three of these four key battlegrounds — all but Ohio — supported the House impeachment. Perhaps more surprising is that half of respondents support Trump’s removal by the Senate in Wisconsin and Michigan, and a near majority supports his removal in Pennsylvania (49%). These numbers reflect a significant rise in support for the impeachment process compared with polls last fall.

On issues, Trump shows weaknesses when it comes to national security and health care. Pluralities believe that Trump’s foreign policy has made the United States less safe and less respected in the world. Likewise, majorities of respondents in Wisconsin (56%), Michigan (53%) and Pennsylvania (51%) do not approve of how Trump has handled health care policy.