As to the jackass harassing Cuomo, I cannot speak for the atheist strain of conservatism that has cropped up among the grafting segments of the movement, but a large number of conservatives are people of faith and cannot behave that way based on the tenets of their faith.

Frankly, it is the reason so many progressive, secular types are willing to show up at people’s home and yell death threats. It is the reason so many of them are willing to chase conservatives from restaurants and taunt their children. It is the reason the progressives are so angry.

They don’t have Jesus in their hearts. They do not have that joy and that peace. They are fighting for a heaven on earth that they think only they can bring because there is no real heaven, there is no eternity, there is no god, and the worms will soon be eating their bodies. Progressive atheists operate as they do because they sense the clock is running out while Christians know we have time on our side.