The Christian player on the team got shoved aside because she didn’t want to wear the LGBTABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ whatever. Then we had to hear all the anti-Trump, anti-conservative nonsense only to cap off the win with the winners complaining about their money and equality.

I assure you they aren’t paid as much because women’s soccer doesn’t generate the revenue, eyeballs, etc that men’s soccer does. It’s like the WNBA, but worse.

While women’s soccer undoubtedly has true fans, a healthy segment of those fans are not fans so much as virtue signalers and moral preeners. For goodness sake, the US women’s national team got beaten by under-fifteen year old boys.. Women’s soccer is not comparable to men’s soccer, but sure is way more preachy and noisy and insistent that you must care.

It is the worst collision of feminist virtue signaling and lame on field performance that exists on planet earth.