David French is now accused of a host of problems on the right and also of being a champion of compromise and surrender to the left — something that any reasonable and fair person would know is not true. Just last night, the man who has worked tirelessly on behalf of the pro-life community in and out of court was accused of being emblematic of a culture that would accept expansive euthanasia laws in this country.

I have to think, given the gleeful pile on, that most of you don’t actually care and have moved past the original debate into score settling. But in so doing, I think you are irresponsibly playing with fire.

Not a one of you stopped to think about turning David French into the cause you want to campaign against. Not a single one of you thought about the nuts who could be inspired to take up your cause for you and frankly, I think a few of you will either not care or dismiss out of hand the fact that it could happen. I have had nuts show up on my front porch because of stuff like this. I bet not one of you have so you don’t care and you won’t care until someone gets hurt.

This pile on against David French is more Lord of the Flies than principled. It is unseemly of a people who claim they want to debate ideas to single out a private citizen and set him up as the Judas Goat.