Members of the echo chamber aren’t for attacking Iran, but they are all for slandering its American opponents. The latest target is Bolton. One of the most ferocious critics of President Obama, he has been an effective and hawkish national security adviser for President Trump. Why is he, not Iran, being blamed for heightened tensions? It’s because the Iran deal, and perhaps the Iranian regime, is on life support.

Context is all. On April 8 the president announced he was designating the IRGC a terrorist organization, threatening its financial base. On April 22, Pompeo announced the United States would end waivers for sanctions on Iranian oil. That same day, Iran threatened to close the Strait of Hormuz. On May 8, one year after the United States withdrew from the nuclear deal, Iran threatened to follow suit.

“Rouhani did not signal the end of the deal entirely,” reported, “but gave Europe an ultimatum: It will have 60 days to either follow the Trump administration or resume oil trade with Iran to save the agreement, violating U.S. sanctions. A failure to do the latter would prompt Tehran to return to high level uranium enrichment, the Iranian leader said.”

This isn’t diplomacy. It’s nuclear blackmail. And it’s a sign of desperation.