“Quickly on 2020. Joe Biden, there’s an allegation that he was basically too—made some women feel uncomfortable by some ways that he acted around them,” NBC host Chuck Todd said. “Are you concerned that Joe Biden can handle the onslaught of 2020? Do you think he should run?”

“I can tell you that Joe Biden is a friend and a seasoned veteran when it comes to political campaigns. I know nothing about the allegations that I also read this morning, as well. I think all of us should take such allegations seriously and with respect,” Durbin said. I took Joe Biden’s statement to say just that, exactly.”

“Yes, I think he’s ready if that’s his decision to move forward in this presidential campaign,” he added.

“This isn’t disqualifying?” Todd asked.

“Certainly one allegation is not disqualifying, but it should be taken seriously,” Durbin responded.