So it’s on to 2020, with Trump stronger and holding more political capital. There is now no question about his legitimacy, and assuming that Sen. Lindsey Graham and Barr keep their promise to get to the bottom of how Clinton’s dirty-trick dossier led to a corrupted FBI investigation, each new revelation will add power to the president’s punch.

The best thing Trump can do is give them space and time to expose the guilty. If there is any healing in America, it will come after clear evidence that he was the victim of a conspiracy that aimed to elect Clinton and then, after he won, to remove him on phony charges.

As for Trump’s political capital, there will be temptations to go on a spending spree, but he and the country would best be served if he devoted himself anew to keeping his first campaign promise: fixing the broken border.

Unless the courts stop him, his emergency declaration gives the president money and freedom to make major improvements in security, including building more and better barriers. And the fixes couldn’t come at a better time, with the record surge of illegal crossers and amnesty claimants untenable. If the influx isn’t stopped, the nation will be roiled by the issue for another generation.