The first took place during that CNN special. An audience member asked Senator Harris for her “solution to ensure that people have access to quality health care at an affordable price,” and “does that solution involve cutting insurance companies as we know them out of the equation?” You bet it does, was Harris’s answer. “We need to have Medicare For All. That’s just the bottom line.” Following up, Jake Tapper mentioned that Harris has co-sponsored a bill that would end employer-based insurance, which covers some 180 million Americans. “So,” Tapper asked, “for people out there who like their insurance, they don’t get to keep it?”

Harris seemed not to understand the magnitude of the change she supports. She mentioned the “process of going through an insurance company,” how “going through all of that paperwork” has caused delays and headaches for many. “Let’s eliminate all of that,” she said. “Let’s move on.”

Actually, let’s stay still for now, and ask the following questions. Harris promises to end the health coverage of millions without providing a satisfactory rationale for, or explanation of, her position. Does she really believe there won’t be paperwork in government-run health care? Paperwork is government’s specialty. And if the Obamacare mandate was unpopular, how will voters greet President Harris’s mandate to “eliminate” the status quo that covers the vast majority? The substance of her answer was obvious catnip for Republicans always eager to “pounce,” and the style was no less harmful. Harris did not give the impression that she took either the question or the implications of her answer all too seriously. This is something that happens often.