3. ‘The Mean Girls’ From Seneca High School – K.S. and C.S. claimed a male classmate sexually assaulted them, and their friends, Megan Villegas, E.S., and H.R. backed up their claims. Three of the girls admitted they lied, but the boy had to leave school after being bullied as a “predator.” One of the girls said she accused him simply because she didn’t like him.

4. Jane Roe of Allegheny College – John Doe and Jane Roe (both pseudonyms) had previously shared a bed. One night, the two engaged in sexual activity. Jane continued to send John friendly texts about their “relationship,” but John wasn’t interested. After Jane saw him at a party with another woman, Jane accused him of sexual assault. The college expelled Doe but later settled.

5. Jane Roe’s friend of Colorado State University-Pueblo – A friend of Jane Roe saw hickeys on her neck and accused Grant Neal (who used his real name in his lawsuit) of sexual assault. Jane Roe tried to stop the accusation, and was recorded by Neal telling people involved in the investigation that she “wasn’t raped.” Neal was expelled anyway but settled with the school.