One of those who carried out that attack in Gothenburg last December was the 22-year old Palestinian mentioned above. In June, to Sweden’s credit, he was found guilty in a court and sentenced to two years in prison. After serving that sentence it seemed obvious to at least one Swedish court that the man may have brought as much of the vibrancy and diversity of his home culture as his new country really wanted, and perhaps after serving his time in prison at the expense of the taxpayer Sweden really ought to thank him for his service and return him to Gaza.

But of course that judgement was too sensible. So in recent weeks the Court of Appeal for Western Sweden decided to overturn the order of the district court which would have seen the deportation of the petrol-bomber. Controversially, the Appeals Court accepted that the 22-year old might suffer reprisals from Israel if he were to return to Gaza.

About which there is much to say. I suppose it might be pointed out that Gaza is not a place in need of very more anti-Semites. Though neither is Sweden these days. Though if anyone is going to take an interest in Molotov-cocktail throwing anti-Semites it is probably better left to the Israeli authorities than their Swedish counterparts. Especially if it has already been established that you can break into Sweden, live in the country illegally and for it to take an act of racist arson even to mildly irk your hosts.