Al Franken must be livid. After all, the failed screenwriter and former senator found himself chased out of office for far less serious allegations. He was accused of merely groping a few unsuspecting – and in one case, sleeping – women. Despite Good Feminist Gloria Steinem’s 90s declaration that Bill Clinton got a pass for one free grope from progressives, the DNC got their folks in line to force Franken’s resignation as allegation after allegation of lewd, forceful behavior unfolded.

Yet somehow, Keith Ellison has dodged the bullet of some serious allegations of domestic abuse without so much as spilling his tea. For over 48 hours, the DNC remained silent as their Deputy Chair continued to campaign in the primary race for Minnesota’s Attorney General. The allegations, which went viral over the weekend, began with Austin Monahan, the son of Ellison’s ex-girlfriend, posting on Facebook that he had unearthed a video of Ellison berating and violently dragging his mother, Karen, off a bed. Karen confirmed the allegations, in a trickle of tweets and then a storm of statements by Sunday, and by Monday…crickets.

Neither Tom Perez, the DNC chair who narrowly beat out the more intersectional and left-wing Ellison in the 2016 race to replace the disgraced Donna Brazile, nor Nancy Pelosi so much as sighed in concern for Karen Monahan. No pithy declarations that they take domestic abuse allegations seriously or even that they are conducting an investigation.