Legal experts questioned Giuliani’s attempts to set conditions for an interview with Trump.

“That’s nonsense. It’s actually nonsense on stilts,” said Paul Rosenzweig, who worked with the independent counsel’s office that investigated President Bill Clinton in the 1990s and is now a senior fellow at the nonpartisan R Street Institute in Washington…

Some former prosecutors and other lawyers say they are puzzled that Mueller has not sought a subpoena to bolster his hand in securing Trump’s testimony.

“We’ve passed the point where a sensible prosecutor, even with the president, would have said, ‘OK, enough. Here’s your subpoena. See you in court,”’ said Harry Litman, a University of California law professor and former U.S. attorney in Pittsburgh who was appointed by Clinton. “I would never second-guess Mueller. But I’m a little surprised he didn’t start proceedings on a subpoena.”