Hunt asked Romney about Russia, “Do you still think that’s the case, and do you feel a little bit vindicated?” Romney said Russia continued to act like a foe, but he also included China as a “geopolitical competitor.”

“Well, there’s no question they’ve acted like a geopolitical foe,” Romney said. “They’ve backed some of the world’s worst actors. They’ve invaded neighboring nations, and of course, they’ve interfered with democracies and electoral processes not only in the U.S., but around the world.”

“But they’re not alone. There are other geopolitical adversaries. That doesn’t mean we’re ever going to be in a kinetic conflict with them or with other major nations like China. But China is also becoming a bit of a geopolitical competitor, if you will … in that they’re pushing against our interests in various parts of the world, and you’ve got these authoritarian regimes who want to denigrate democracy and the nature of our republic and substitute a form of authoritarianism.”