Many journalists are teetering on the edge. A Reuters editor had to apologize for blaming Trump for the shooting deaths in Annapolis, Md., but who could really blame him? The general tendency right now is toward madness. So many of us have to battle the urge to blurt out things we’ll regret (Sean Hannity has no such filter, blaming Rep. Maxine Waters for the Annapolis shootings.)

So it’s a moment when all journalists need to think hard about our credo of informing rather than advocating. As a profession we are constantly targeted by the president, while the Capital Gazette journalists were apparently targeted by a grudge-holder who felt emboldened at this juncture in history. Never in my lifetime have I seen the like.

Those of us who became journalists in order to tell the stories of our society, to play a role in our community, have been sorely tested. We will continue to be.