In lieu of uncovering collusion with Russia, Mueller has settled for charging Trump figures with lying — a so-called process crime that would not have occurred without the investigation itself. Flynn, for example, is not charged with any wrongdoing in his role as Trump adviser — not in his conversations with the Russian ambassador, not in the decisions he made in the Trump campaign, not in his December 2015 attendance at a dinner in Moscow (in which he sat next to Vladimir Putin) — not in any of that. Instead, Flynn is accused, and has pleaded guilty to, not telling the truth to FBI agents who questioned him about his entirely lawful actions. At the time, of course, those agents were working for FBI director James Comey.

So now the investigation has turned on Comey, Mr. Let Justice Roll himself. Trump defenders, like Rudy Giuliani, are delighted. After all, Comey figured to be the star witness in any obstruction of justice case against the president. Now, under investigation and with his own reputation in question, Comey is no longer the reliable, trustworthy source he once seemed. In investigation-crazed Washington, no one comes out unscathed.