Here’s why this matters: Americans should stop apologizing for participating in the public debate in controversial ways that don’t call for violence, or that don’t betray their actual worldview. Last week, Chance the Rapper apologized for saying black Americans didn’t need to vote Democrat, because he apparently rubbed some people the wrong way. That was dumb. Kathy Griffin, by contrast, should have apologized, because she was essentially approving violence. And Joy Reid should have apologized, but only because her viewpoints changed, or at least she felt her old comments didn’t reflect her viewpoint.

But Wolf didn’t call for violence, and her viewpoints didn’t change. She told some rotten jokes.

So, leave Wolf alone – at least as far as the apology routine goes. Criticize her – I certainly have. Talk about the perversity of her worldview – I certainly have. But let’s stop expecting people to apologize for doing exactly what they make their money doing.