Second, there is a serious suspicion (and an accurate one) that Sinclair is pro-Trump and Sinclair is, in fact, engaged in many of the same behaviors these other networks engage in, but on the pro-Trump side. The media over all, convinced of its own righteousness, is calling out Sinclair for that and deservedly so.

Third, and most importantly, Sinclair is buying up local news channels around the country and this is in the run up to a merger that liberals and unions oppose. This outrage comes right as the merger is being finalized and there are agenda driven partisans doing everything they can to derail it. They’re using good reporters to push their outrage by tying that outrage to reporters’ suspicions of Sinclair about number one. These leftwing groups are playing good reporters in the same way the Russians played good people getting them out to rallies for Trump and Hillary.

I do get the concerns. But the fact is reporters at national networks are presenting stories through their biased lenses. The gun control debate of late is the greatest evidence of this. And that they are upset Sinclair is calling them out as it is building a competing news organization concurrently is no doubt a cause for alarm in the news industry.