The dispute represents a rift between two of the key players in the Democratic Party. The two groups have been allies in the past. SEIU has given Planned Parenthood $190,000 since 2007 in payments classified as political activities or “contributions, gifts, and grants,” according to federal labor filings. Planned Parenthood’s political arm, meanwhile, sent more than $290,000 to SEIU councils in Missouri and Washington State during that time. SEIU president Mary Kay Henry defended Planned Parenthood after undercover videos showed clinic workers candidly discussing the sale of baby body parts.

“We stand united with our allies at Planned Parenthood, champions of quality health care and a cornerstone of vital services to millions of Americans for decades,” she said in a release. “It’s time for the leadership of both political parties in Congress to stand with women and against these vicious attacks on Planned Parenthood.”

The ties between Planned Parenthood and SEIU run deeper than money. Former PP honcho Cecile Richards is married to Kirk Adams, the longtime head of SEIU’s health care branch. In 2014, Planned Parenthood hired SEIU executive Ellen Golombek to lead an initiative to align the abortionist with other leading liberal groups.