“Ronny was my doctor in the White House,” Messina said. “I went through some of the worst medical times in my life and he was there every single day for me. I traveled with him. He’s one of the single nicest human beings you ever meet and perhaps the worst Cabinet choice of modern memory.”

Messina went on to explain that despite Jackson’s good qualities, he remains unqualified to deal with the spectrum of complex issues that would come up in the position.

“He’s just Donald Trump’s favorite suck-up doctor,” he argued. “He absolutely has no ability to run the second largest agency in the federal government. Ronny’s job was to be the smiley guy who everyone loved and lie about Donald Trump’s weight on national television. And now he’s going to try to fix the most broken system? He’s going to sit there and smile and be exactly what he is, a great guy, and they’re going to run over him like a steamroller.”