Yiannopoulos has used a ghost writer for his blogging, and he may have hired one for this book. If the old saying is true and good writing is like a window pane, allowing you to see straight through to the meaning behind it, then whoever wrote the unedited manuscript of Dangerous is an excellent writer indeed. Every page lays bare the author with pristine insouciance. From the opening paragraph, the text is as repellent as the man himself. The year 2016, the first sentence tells us, was “the year of the troll,” and hence 2016 “was the year of me.” All but two chapters are titled “Why [someone] Hates Me”: “Why the Progressive Left Hates Me,” “Why the Media Hates Me,” and so on.

After a few pages a reader will wonder if there’s anyone who doesn’t hate him, and why. As an author Milo is relentlessly self-referential. He inserts himself in the oddest places, parenthetically. When he talks about competition among “victim groups,” for example, he calls it “a tragicomic battle for the bottom.” Then he adds: “also the name given to my warring ex-boy friends.” Is he a racist? Impossible, “given my penchant for black men, denizens of the dark continent.” A mention of the Clintons inspires an aside: “You have to feel for poor Bill. Every time he hears ‘gender’ and ‘gap’ in the same sentence he gets hard, then he sees Hillary’s crossed eyes and evil smile and he’s booking another flight on the Lolita Express.”