At a time when the president has been reduced to proclaiming his stability and brilliance and televising negotiations with legislators to prove he is in charge, no one is seriously questioning Oprah’s sanity or ability to lead. And in an age when we are celebrating women’s voices, arguably no one has a voice as respected and eloquent as Oprah’s. Why shouldn’t she be president?

Well, because the most important question is not whether Oprah could be a better president than Donald Trump. Even a political incompetent could meet that standard. The more relevant questions are: Do we need another glitzy, audacious amateur? And would she be a better president than such rising stars as Sens. Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Kirsten Gillibrand or former housing secretary Julián Castro? Or than such figures as Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren?

A celebrity of Oprah’s wattage would almost certainly out-dazzle any full-time politician. Trump proved that. And because professional celebrities are not hemmed in by political records, convention, or even adherence to reality, they can get away with promises no one would buy from a normal pol. Trump earned points for falsely promising to build a wall Mexico would pay for and falsely pointing to problems “I alone can fix.”