In late October, Q started posting regularly posting series of cryptic tips, often in the form of questions. The tips include gobs of obscure references, but the general thrust is that Trump is poised to arrest members of the Deep State in “The Storm,” a final reckoning that will end with Trump’s victory over the globalists. Some Trump fans seized on the posts as proof from a Trump insider meant to provide relief to beleaguered fans of the president.

(Incidentally, New York Magazine’s Paris Martineau has done great work on the bizarre internet subculture surrounding The Storm.)

Since the clues are being posted on anonymous online forums, all of these supposed insider clues could actually just be written by anyone with internet access and a working knowledge of conspiracy theories. In other words, even as Q fans speculate on who the clues are coming from — fan theories include everyone from White House social media director Dan Scavino to Trump himself —these people are actually definitely being fooled by a random internet troll.