2. Media demanding Republicans react to Trump tweets. OK, we get it. Trump posts some absolutely bonkers stuff on Twitter. So bonkers, that when he tweets something gracious that’s almost newsworthy in itself. But if we’ve learned anything in this first year of the Trump presidency, it’s that no one can control Trump’s tweets. He’s going to post whatever random boast or complaint wandered through his noggin at that moment, 280 characters at a time.

I’m realistic enough to know it’s foolish to expect the media to not cover Trump’s tweets. I enjoy writing about the good, the bad, and the ugly of Trumpified Twitter, and I won’t deny that entertainment to anyone. But demanding that Republican elected officials “respond” or “react” to Trump tweets is oh-so-tiresome. Most of the time, they catch some unsuspecting Congressman in the hallway before he’s even had a chance to read whatever the tweet was.

Here, media, I’ll save you the work of actually wandering the hallways of the Cannon building: the Congressman doesn’t necessarily support or agree with or even understand what Trump tweeted, but he’s still going to vote for the bill because it’s a Republican bill. Save your outrage over the obnoxious tweets for the guy who actually tweeted it.