“Well, it was disappointing to me, Martha. They had called to ask me and asked if I would be interested in participating in a story that they were doing about the ‘Me Too’ movement,” Broaddrick said. “I really didn’t feel a part of that movement. I was ‘me too’ decades before it was okay to be ‘me too,’ and I truly didn’t feel a part of that and actually at that time I did decline because just like I said, I didn’t feel a part of it.”

Broaddrick continued her response after a few audio issues and said that the magazine called her back approximately two days later to ask her if she could make a comment for the story.

“I was very happy to do that. I supported these women. I thought they were brave women and I told her ‘Yes, I would be happy to submit a comment.’ And then a few days went by and I was so happy when they were declared ‘Person of the Year,’ and when I went to look for my comments, they weren’t there,” she said.