The hand-wringing will be long and drawn out, as Hollywood and CNN examine all of us for their crimes. It must be toxic masculinity, or whiteness, or some such. The Oscars will dedicate 2018 to female directors and producers, ideally, Womyn-of-Color and the fireworks will be bright.

Ben and Matt and Leo and Brad will be there, and they will applaud. So will Hillary and Bill and Barack and Michelle.

And here we are, the plebians, told that we are morally inferior. Ethically compromised. The deplorables.

We should always remember that those who make character judgements about their opponents based on nothing are usually guilty of that flaw themselves. The liberal elite has accused Donald Trump of being the worst kind of sex offender for over a year. Now we see that the snake pit is not at Trump Tower at all. It never was. The whole charade played out on sound stages on the Miramax Studio lot.