On the right, those in the tribal class of “beat the left” are no different, though they presently judge themselves based on fealty to Trump. This person was with Trump from day one, so he must be listened to and respected more than this person who was not with Trump till after the South Carolina primary and both must be treated with greater value than that jackass traitor who only decided to loyally stick to Trump after he became the Republican nominee.

Their ideas are, at this point, inconsequential, and that is wholly reflected in their own candidate’s administration. The Trump agenda consists of nothing more than rage tweeting against the media and political opponents, which his supporters of the “beat the left” variety tell us has secret meaning, is part of a larger plan we are not smart enough to see, and he fights!!!!

The alternative is that the rule of law must matter. And I think we are rapidly moving to the point where those of us who think it does will be more or less the monks in the monastery keeping vigil around actual truth and knowledge. Some of us will see the armed bandits and roving hordes tear down our doors and seek to ruin us, but others will have to carry on till it is safe to come out and show there really is a better way.