See, the issue here isn’t anonymous sources. Anonymous sources broke Watergate wide open, exposed the Monica Lewinsky affair, and first told us about the IRS bullying and Associated Press surveillance scandals of the Obama years. Thus, if you think anonymous sources are a corruption unto themselves, please understand our politics would be far more corrupt without them.

Are all anonymous sources correct? Of course not. For example, Jayson Blair, anyone? But when the use of anonymous sources has been abused, it’s not because someone afraid of coming forward for fear of retribution can’t be trusted; it’s because the journalistic vehicle using them is broken and therefore can’t be trusted. That often occurs when we make up or abuse anonymous sources, because they tell us what we want to hear.

This is called confirmation bias. And this is our problem at the moment — not anonymous sources.

As a culture, we have our lost our anchor. Truth is no longer king, so everyone thinks and says what is wise in their own eyes.