Trump is favored by men (+11 points), whites (+19), and whites without a college degree (+33).

Clinton leads among women (+13 points), blacks (+74), and voters under age 30 (+17). She’s also ahead by 11 points among the one-in-five who have already voted (50-39 percent).

They split the support of whites with a college degree: Trump gets 45 percent to Clinton’s 42 percent. In 2012, GOP nominee Mitt Romney won this group by 14 points (56-42 percent).

Both candidates are consolidating their bases, but Clinton outperforms Trump: she gets 90 percent among Democrats and he gets 85 percent of Republicans.

Trump has an 8-point edge over Clinton among independents (41-33 percent). That’s down from his 13-point advantage last week (41-28 percent). Johnson takes 11 percent.