That’s the conclusion of a recent study by something called Yelp Eat24, which I guess is like Seamless but run by Yelp? Regardless, I have no reason not to trust a home food delivery service when it sends out a press release about how people prefer to stay at home, so let’s take them at their word when they say, “It may be that FOMO—the Fear of Missing Out—has run its course, as a new survey identifies the power of POMO… the PLEASURE Of Missing Out.”

According to the study, almost 30 percent of people are disappointed by nights out, more than a third are stressed out and anxious by them, and hangovers and arguments are also common side effects. So it’s no surprise 80 percent of people “admit to having made excuses to avoid going out,” a.k.a. lying to your friends so you don’t have to see them.

We’re all familiar with these lies—”My dog is sick,” “I have a thing,” “Band practice,” “Actually I’m trying not to drink anymore,” “I’m not your girlfriend anymore,” “I think you have the wrong number.” We recognize them in others, and we use them ourselves in order to maintain the facade that we really would love to come to your noise music festival—unfortunately there are some bugs coming out of a hole in the wall and also our cousin is in town. These lies are the lubrication that keeps social interaction from becoming painful, the Machiavellian web that binds us together.