The decisions by a number of well-known Republicans to buck the party because of Donald Trump’s likely ascension to the top of the ticket could be seen as an effort to help rebuild the party, some experts say.

Longtime conservative and political columnist George Will said he recently changed his voter registration from Republican to unaffiliated.

Former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, a Republican who served under President George W. Bush, wrote in an op-ed in The Washington Post why a Trump presidency would be bad for the country, declaring that he will be voting for Hillary Clinton this fall.

And Brent Scowcroft, who was the national security adviser to Republican Presidents Gerald Ford and George H.W. Bush, put out a statement supporting Clinton and her “wisdom and experience.” He did not mention Trump by name.

The “never Trump” movement gathered steam during the primaries, and there are some elected officials who say they support the idea. The recent announcements by party elders could signal a larger rebuke of Trump’s campaign.