And make no mistake: it is their aim to thwart our will. They want to use the law or politicians’ clout to undermine the result. Alastair Campbell tweeted: ‘EU law allows customers to withdraw from contract if contract based on lies. LEAVE agenda riddled with them. Lawyers on the case.’ Nicola Sturgeon says she’ll veto the Brexit, which would be a blatant, borderline tyrannical misuse of her powers to stymie the views of the mass of society. History would not be kind to her.

Youthful activists are adding a thin veneer of radicalism to this howl against democracy by taking to the streets to call on MPs to refuse to make Brexit a reality. A ragtag bunch of pro-EU youths shouted outside parliament yesterday. More marches are planned. Let’s be honest about what these are: marches against the people; streams of largely middle-class activists demanding that the will of the ordinary be kept in check. No number of colourful placards or PC-sounding platitudes can disguise the nasty, reactionary nature of such gatherings. ‘Sign the petition, speak to your MP, join the march in London. Don’t let them the trigger Article 50’, says the deputy editor of British Vogue. This boils down to saying: ‘Let’s stop the people from having their say.’ It is an outrage.