Needless to say, the national phenomenon known as the #TheChalkening has now become the cornerstone in the fight for campus free speech. The fact that every time a campus witnesses a marking mentioning Trump’s name, hysterical outrage inevitably follows. Schools react in the most pathetic way possible, and angry activists demonstrate how awful campus political correctness has become.

In every case, a few students hailing from a protected class complained about the markings and that’s all it took for it to become a serious sensation. Schools have been at pains to chart a middle course to respecting free speech while offering solace to the offended special snowflakes. In the end, the administrators always make it seem like Trump chalkings will not be tolerated, despite platitudes about preserving free expression.

It’s hard to say a campus tolerates political speech when a Greek Week has to be cancelled over a Trump wall. Or banning chalk entirely. Or letting football players destroy private property because they were offended by a harmless slogan.